Patrick Ewing’s Homecoming & The Future of Georgetown Basketball

If you grew up on college Basketball in the DMV like I did, There are few people who are synonymous with what College Basketball was during that period of time. For the University of Maryland, it was Lenny Bias. For a private Catholic University nestled in the Northwest portion of D.C., it was a guy by the name of Patrick Ewing. ‘Hoya Paranoia’ was a very REAL thing back at the beginning of College Basketball’s modern golden era. John Thompson’s Championship Hoya squads evoke a LOT of imagery to folks that had to face them; Tough…Intimidating…Hard-nosed…Unapologetically black. The Georgetown Hoyas of the 1980’s was all of those things. Patrick Ewing was the centerpiece of that ‘Hoya Destroya’ image, and arguably one of the best centers to ever play college basketball.

Inevitably, All good things come to an end. Fast forward a few decades and we find a basketball program that’s far away from the glory it once had. Enter the return of Patrick Ewing to the program he helped to put on the map. John Thompson III had some incredible runs as Georgetown’s head man, but arguably left the program in worse condition than he left it. Recruiting is at a crossroads for the program, with area rival Maryland starting to really make inroads in local circles, and fellow Big East power Villanova commonly tapping the area for premium talent. Big Pat’s got an NBA pedigree as a coach, but a LOT of ground to cover in terms of re-establishing those DMV/Baltimore recruiting ties that served the Hoya program so well during the time that JT3 was there, as well as John Thompson Jr. during his heyday. What we HAVE seen out of Big Pat’s regime so far, is a willingness to run, run, and run some more. LOTS of transition, and a few pieces that can possibly serve to establish some recruiting capital for Ewing going forward. It’s going to be important to see just how well he and his staff are able to navigate ALL aspects of modern college basketball, ESPECIALLY recruiting.

IF he can hit the ground running in that respect, it will provide a bit of a cushion for other aspects of his program to develop. He’s definitely in the right area to do just that, as the DMV/Baltimore corridor is arguably the most fertile recruiting base in the country.

In the meantime, it’s going to be fun sitting back and watching Patrick Ewing sporting Gray & Blue, even if it’s a 3 piece suit instead of a pair of Ewings…LOL.

That’s it for this entry of HHG. Check out this excerpt of Patrick Ewing, Georgetown head coach.




3 thoughts on “Patrick Ewing’s Homecoming & The Future of Georgetown Basketball

  1. I’m hoping Patrick does well!! I’ve been a huge fan for his entire career, even back to high school! I’ll be cheering for him and the Hoyas! Nice post!

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