UMBC Does The Unthinkable

The University Of Virginia.
The Wahoos.
The residents of ‘Whoovile’
The overall NUMBER 1 SEED in the ENTIRE 2017-18 NCAA Tourney.

Y’all had ONE DAYUMN JOB…smh.

If you’re a college basketball junkie like yours truly, you LIVE for the ides of march. Upsets, Cinderella Stories, and the challenge of keeping a bracket intact are all part of the fun when this time of the year comes around. That being said, nobody that’s worth their salt as a college basketball fan normally gives any thought to the possibility of a 16 seed beating a 1 seed on the first REAL day of the tourney (The jury’s still out on all this first four nonsense, fam…smh). Welp, the days of pontificating on whether a 16 would ever beat a 1 during our lifetime is over.

The University Of Maryland, Baltimore County is a mid-major basketball program located in the comfy and snug confines of Catonsville, Maryland. The school’s a loud sneeze away from Thurgood Marshall-BWI Airport. Not exactly IN the DMV, but not really outside of it. The school mascot looks like it should be fetching slippers for you by the fireplace, etc…You get the point. All that being said, the small school outside of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway did the impossible this past Friday, and etched their respective names in the NCAA Tourney record books by becoming the first 16 Seed to beat a 1 Seed in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

Yep…You heard right…A 16 BEAT a 1.

This wasn’t just ANY run-of-the-mill 1 Seed either; The Cavaliers were the overall #1 seed in the tournament and were having one of the most successful seasons in the history of UVA basketball, having torn through the always difficult Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) in dominating fashion.

All of that was worth the price of a pit beef sandwich on friday night, though. UMBC didn’t just pull the upset; The Retrievers peeled back and exposed UVA’s trademark pack line half court defense like a ripe orange, and devoured it. Jarius Lyles (Silver Spring, Maryland – DeMatha/Virginia Commonwealth) led a balanced UMBC attack with 28 points, and carving up arguably the best defensive team in College Basketball like a soft piece of brisket. The Retrievers’ miracle run came to a fighting end on Sunday against Kansas State, but their place in NCAA tourney lore is permanently etched in stone.

Furry paw prints and all.
Until Next Entry…



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