Is it Finally Time to Blow it All Up?

Ok, let’s be real for a moment here…

The Wizards are trash this season. Yep, I said it…Hot, sauteed, mambo-sauce covered garbage. As a fan, this is borderline traumatic, given how talented this team LOOKED to the average NBA head on paper; John Wall and the artist formerly known as Bradley Buckets had the makings of one of the best back court duos in the league…on paper. The addition of Dwight Howard, Austin Rivers, and hometown youngin’ Jeff Green was supposed to shore up a bench that already had some pretty good talent on it…on paper.

Reluctant hero Otto Porter was supposed to come into his own offensively this season in terms of aggression…On paper. The REALITY of this squad’s projection has been a tad different than the lofty expectations that filled Wiz fan’s heads in the off-season. A team that has all the tools to be an outstanding defensive group, struggles to stop everything from dribble penetration to closing out on shooters behind the arc. Offensively has been arguably as bad, with spacing and ball movement that is reminiscent of the early Scott Whitman days of coaching the Wiz Kids. Even after D. Howard’s insertion into the starting lineup, halfcourt spacing and ball movement have been horrible. On top of that, we simply DON’T HIT SHOTS, at least with any sort of consistency.

So, now the day has come where we’re actually thinking about trading the two cats that were supposed to be cornerstones of the franchise for the foreseeable future; Bradley Beal and John Wall. Yes, Wizard’s front office management (which is the topic of another rant coming a little later) is seriously thinking about a trade that would send them both to other destinations outside of D.C…Straight out of the “I give up/Kobayashi Maru” G.M. handbook. It’s definitely a sad state of affairs for folks that have been fans of the squad through thick and thin, and frankly, someone’s head in that aforementioned front office needs to roll, right into that proverbial basket at the end of the organization’s hiring guillotine.  

Seriously, if we’re going to go all dumpster fire, we might as well clean house. Ernie Grunfeld? Zipped…Scott Brooks? Zipped…Those cats that are responsible for the high-ass concessions prices that fans have to pay while watching this debacle of a team? Well…Yeah…They can get got, too…smh.

At the end of the day, maybe that’s what’s needed; An influx of a new culture, with new ideas. Maybe we just need to promote everybody up from the G-League’s Capital City Go-Go’s franchise over in Southeast. Whatever it is, it needs to happen soon. A decision needs to be made. Otherwise, the pro game in the DMV may lose a momentum that it might never get back.

Until Next Entry.

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